How Many Lighthouses Can We See in One Day?

This morning, around 9 a.m., we left our hotel in Portage, Indiana and headed up the west coast of Michigan! Our first stop was the New Buffalo Welcome Center where we picked up a bunch of brochures to help us get some ideas about what we wanted to do in Michigan. We then drove over to the Hard Rock Cafe and Casino in Four Winds to get my shot glass and have lunch.

After lunch, we drove to the New Buffalo Beach and walked along the dunes. We went to the main street area and wandered in and out of all of the little shops. I bought a really cute pair of sunglasses! After hanging out in New Buffalo for a while, we drove up to St. Joseph/Benton Harbor and checked into our hotel. We then went to Silver Beach and walked out to the lighthouses. Unfortunately, it started to rain while we were out there and we had to head back to the car. We hung out at the hotel for a little bit and then had dinner at the Bob Evans that was right next to our hotel. Tomorrow we are off to Holland to go to the Tulip Festival!



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