Think We’ll Run Into Any Famous Golfers?

Today I went to Augusta, Georgia to pick my dad up from the airport. Suprisingly, he was able to fly from Columbus, Ohio to Augusta for less than if he had flown to Charlotte, North Carolina or Columbia, South Carolina. Augusta is only about an hour drive from Columbia. The airport was very small but very nice. All of the arrivals and departures are from/to Charlotte or Atlanta, Georgia. After I picked my dad up, we decided to go see downtown Augusta. I thought maybe we could go see the golf course where they play the Master’s Tournament but my dad said they don’t let ‘regular’ people on it. Haha! So, our first stop was the Sacred Heart Cultural Center. It was a beautiful cathedral! We didn’t go inside, but we marveled it from the outside!

We then drove to the Augusta Riverwalk. The Savannah River flows through Augusta and then goes through South Carolina on the way to Savannah. The riverwalk was really pretty! To get to the riverwalk, we had to go through a tunnel that had lines that represented different flood points throughout Augusta’s history. That was really interesting; some of the lines were very high! There was also a cool weatherbox that read the weather report aloud.

After the riverwalk, we decided it was time to head back to Columbia so that we wouldn’t get stuck in rush hour traffic. Augusta was very pretty and I’m glad we got the chance to explore it!


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