Taking My Dad to See the Queen

My dad is visiting this weekend, so today, my mom and I decided to show him around Charlotte, North Carolina. We left Columbia, South Carolina around 11 AM and arrived in Charlotte around 12:30 PM. First, we went to the Convention Center, which had the Visitor’s Center inside, to get maps and see if they had any snowglobes. They did, so my dad was able to get one! We then walked to Hooter’s to have lunch.

After lunch, we decided to go check out the Wells Fargo Museum, because the brochure we got said it was free. Sure enough, it was free! The museum was really cool! They had lots of interactive activities! We then walked through The Green, which was a cool park that had a literary theme. We then drove by the Nascar Hall of Fame (the crosswalks were made to look like a checkered flag!) on our way to BJ’s to buy some groceries. We left BJ’s and headed back to Columbia around 5 PM and arrived home around 6:30 PM. It was a fun little trip and my dad really liked Charlotte!


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