Cold Waters and a Crowded City

This morning we slept in a little then got up and drove from Mount Laurel, New Jersey to Atlantic City, NJ to get another Hard Rock Cafe shot glass! We left Mount Laurel around 9 am and arrived in Atlantic City around 10:30. Along the way, we stopped for gas and my mom was very confused when a nice man started to fill our gas tank! In New Jersey, it is illegal to pump your gas, they have gas attendants who do it for you. The man that filled our tank was very nice and he even cleaned our windshield for us! We continue on and decided to go to the beach first. It was very windy and sand was blowing everywhere! I wanted to be able to say that I had put my feet in the Atlantic Ocean, so I dipped my toes and it was FREEZING! We then walked up and down the boardwalk for a little before heading to the Hard Rock Cafe to get my shot glass. Around noon, we decided to head back so we could go to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Before leaving, we drove by the Absecon Lighthouse. It was a cute little lighthouse! We also saw President Trump’s Taj Mahal resort. We had lunch at a Burger King on the way back to save money.

We got to Philadelphia around 1:30 pm and drove across the Ben Franklin bridge (I didn’t realize there would be large bridges in Philadelphia)! We then drove downtown to find a place to park between Independence Hall and the Hard Rock Cafe. Parking was ridiculous! We drove around looking for garages and the cheapest we could find was $10 for 30 minutes!! The garage right next to Independence Hall was $25 for 30 minutes! It was crazy. Thankfully, we found a meter spot a few blocks away from the Hard Rock Cafe and only had to pay $5 for 2 hours, a much better deal! Finally after parking, we walked to the Hard Rock Cafe and then headed down to Independence Hall. We stopped at the Visitors Center to get a shot glass and get a snow globe for my dad (they only had really big ones and really small ones, so we didn’t get him one, but we were able to order one online!) We saw Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell (from the outside). We wanted to go inside (it was free) but there was a long line and we were worried about not having enough time to get back to our parking space. On the way back to our parking spot, we walked by the Declaration House (where Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence) which was cool (again, not enough time to go inside, but I bet that would’ve been cool too!)

We got back to our parking spot with a few minutes left to spare and headed back to our hotel in Mount Laurel. Now we are just relaxing and getting ready to go to TGI Friday’s for dinner. Tomorrow we are heading back to Columbia, SC and the Mid-Atlantic Trip is ending. 😦


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