Are You Sure We’re in the USA?

This morning, my mom’s ankle was feeling better, so we continued onto Wilmington, Delaware! We left our hotel outside of Baltimore around 9 am and arrived in Wilmington around 11 am. Along the way, we stopped at the Delaware Visitors Center, as this was the first time both my mom and I had ever been to Delaware. Our first stop when we arrived in Wilmington was the Riverfront Market. It was a building with different vendors inside, similar to the 7th Street Public Market in Charlotte. We then headed over to the Riverfront Park. It was a cute little park. We then decided to go to the Wilmington Visitors Center to see if we could find my dad a snow globe. We parked by the Hotel DuPont and saw Rodney Square along the way. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find my dad a snow globe. Around 1 pm, we decided to head to the King of Prussia Mall outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

We arrived at the King of Prussia Mall around 1:30 pm and went directly to Primark! Primark is my favorite store in London, and I am so excited that I are opening stores in the USA, I just wish I lived closer to one! We found some cool things at Primark and then headed to our hotel in Willow Grove. After relaxing for a little, we decided to head to the Willow Grove Mall to go to a different Primark. We found some different things there and some of the same things but in our sizes, so we are glad that we went to both. We then went to the Olive Garden nearby for dinner. Tomorrow we are off to Princeton and then New York City! We are both so excited!!


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