First Time Calling 911…

This morning, my mom and I got up and got ready to head into Baltimore, Maryland! We are staying at a hotel near the airport, so we decided to take the light rail into downtown. We left for the light rail around 9 am and arrived at Camden Yards around 9:45 am. The light rail was really cool and we got to see the M&T Stadium, where the Baltimore Ravens play. We got off the light rail at Camden Yards, where the Orioles play. After looking at the stadium, we decide to walk towards the Inner Harbor.

As we were approaching the Inner Harbor, we saw a sign for the Baltimore Visitors Center. We stopped in there and I was able to get a shot glass and get my dad a snow globe. We hung out along the water for a little, then started walking towards the Hard Rock Cafe.

After walking around the Inner Harbor (from the Visitors Center to Pier 5) it was time for lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe. My birthday is on March 10, so I had a coupon for a birthday lunch! I even got a cool birthday pin! We then decided to walk to the Baltimore Basilica. Along the way, we saw the Shot Tower, the Holocaust Memorial, the Baltimore City Hall, and the Baltimore War Memorial.

Unfortunately, just outside of the Bascilica, my mom stepped in a hole and fell. We were able to make it to a garden on the backside of the Bascilica. My mom was in a lot of pain, so we had to call the paramedics to see if she had broken her ankle. It was the first time I ever called 911. Luckily, she had just badly sprained it, so we got an Uber to take us back to our hotel, instead of trying to get back to the light rail. We then went to Walmart to get my mom an ankle brace. We’ve just been relaxing at the hotel and are going to go to the Chick-fil-a near our hotel to get dinner. Tomorrow we are off to Wilmington, Delaware, the King of Prussia Mall, and the Willow Grove Mall (both outside of Philadelphia). We shouldn’t have to do too much walking tomorrow, so hopefully my mom’s ankle will be ok.


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