Columbia Area Parks

In February, my mom and I decided to explore the Columbia Riverfront Park. The first time we went, we explored the north end of the park. To get to the north end of the park, you have to drive half a mile down a dirt road with lots of potholes; my mom was not impressed. Haha! However, when we got to the park, it was beautiful! We saw the  Columbia Canal and the Broad River Dam. The dam is used to divert water to the canal (which used to be used for boat traffic). We walked along the paved trail for a little and then walked along the dirt trail. Next time, we are going to try the south end!

Sometimes, my mom and I like to walk at the lake near Harbison. It is a nice, paved, .75 mile walk around the lake.

The south end of the Columbia Riverfront Park is much easier to get to. It has a large, paved parking lot. The park has a nice paved trail that runs between the Congaree River and the Columbia Canal. It is 2.5 miles one-way. I love stopping at all of the overlooks to see the river. On nice days, there are plenty of spots to access the river and hang out on some of the rocks sticking out of the water. At the south end, there is an overlook where you can see the river, the canal, and the Columbia skyline.

Even further south of the Riverfront is Granby Park. It was a nice, paved trail as well.


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