Are We Off to See the Queen?

Today my mom and I decided to spend the day in Charlotte, North Carolina, also know as the ‘Queen City’! She really wanted to go to BJ’s (like Sam’s Club or Costco) to get things like paper towels and laundry detergent. Unfortunately the Charlotte BJ’s is the only one close to us. Since we have driven by Charlotte a ton but never actually went downtown, we decided to see downtown as well. We left Columbia, South Carolina around 9 am and arrived in Charlotte around 11 am. First, we went to the 7th Street Market. It was cool but we thought it would be more like the Charleston City Market and it was definitely not as big as the Charleston one. We got some really good cookies and then started walking around downtown. We saw some really cool churches and artwork along the way. We ended up near the Bank of America building and took some pictures in front of the water fountain. We then left downtown and headed towards the BJ’s. On the way we stopped at the South Park Mall and went to Macy’s and had lunch at Mandarin Express. After shopping at the mall, we went to the Ross and Big Lots near by and finally went to the BJ’s. We left Charlotte around 5:30 pm and arrived back in Columbia around 7:30 pm. I really like downtown Charlotte and I hope we get to go back to spend more time downtown.


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