Southern Charm

Today I went to Charleston, South Carolina with a few of my new HESA (Higher Education and Student Affairs) Master’s program friends. We met up on campus at 9 am. I rode with Patrick, Ben, and Jason. I had met Patrick before when I interviewed in March but I hadn’t met Ben and Jason. We spent the 2 hour car ride getting to know each other. We arrived in Charleston around 11 am.

We went to Eggs Up Grill for brunch and met up with the group of girls that drove down separately (Rebecca, Karson, Kyle, Mikayla, and Lindsey). After eating, we headed over to the Isle of Palms to go to the beach. We met up with another group of HESA members (Blake, Charlie, Chandler, Hannah, and Grace). Grace, Charlie, and I went out into the water and jumped around in the waves. I hadn’t been to the Atlantic Ocean for awhile and I forgot how big the waves are compared to the Gulf of Mexico! We spent about 2 hours at the beach.

After the beach, we walked around downtown and got ice cream at Jeni’s ice cream. It was delicious!

We then walked around and headed to the College of Charleston. It was such a gorgeous campus!

We then headed back around 5 pm and got to Columbia around 7 pm. It was a great trip and I met so many great people!!


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