Bye Bye D.C.

Today we had to leave D.C. 😦 We got up and headed down to the Alexandria Waterfront to have lunch at Chadwicks. We had coupons from the water taxi. The food was so good! I had a pulled pork sandwich and sweet potato fries with a tomato aioli that was amazing! We then took our last trip up King Street and packed our bags. Around 1:00 PM, we rode the metro to the DCA Airport, where Nicole went to catch her flight and I went to get my car. About an hour outside of DC, I went through an intense storm. Nicole’s flight was supposed to leave at 3:00 PM and when I texted her when I got home around 7:00 PM, she still hadn’t left. Apparently the storm got worse after I went through it and her plane got delayed. She was finally able to leave around 9:30 PM and got home to New York around 11:00 PM. Along the way home, I noticed that I went over the Eastern Continental Divide at 2,610 ft. Overall it was a great girl’s weekend and I can’t wait to see where we will go next year!


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