Exploring Georgetown and Alexandria

This morning we went to Dunkin Donuts again for breakfast. We then took the metro to the International Spy Museum. It was a pretty cool museum, but unlike a lot of the museums in DC, it was not free and I felt it was a little over priced. Also, at the beginning it was very interactive but then it became more about just looking at different spy equipment. The first thing we did was memorize an alternative identity. Mine was Greta Schmidt. I was 33 years old and from Bordesholm, Germany. I was going to London, England for 4 days for business. I’m glad we went to check it out, but I don’t think I will go back. We then went across the street and bought some souvenirs. I got another shot glass and I got presents for my parents (a snow globe for dad and a White House figurine for mom). We then took an Uber to Georgetown. We had lunch at Clyde’s. It reminded us of a bar/restaurant back in Pittsburgh called Hemingways. We walked around and went to some shops. Nicole found another Martha’s Vineyard store called Vineyard’s Vines. We then decided to go kayaking on the Potomac River. We walked along the Georgetown Waterfront and saw the line for the kayak rentals. There had to be 50 people in line! We didn’t want to wait around that long, so we headed back down the waterfront to get the water taxi back to Alexandria.

We took the 2:30 PM water taxi back to Alexandria. It was a 45 minute ride and we got to see the monuments from the water. We did some more shopping in Alexandria; we went to a cute Christmas store called the Christmas Attic. Then we got ice cream at the Creamery to celebrate National Ice Cream Day! We then stopped at the Light Horse Cafe to get a drink, relax, and watch the Pirates and the Nationals on the TV. I had a local cider and it was very good! It was a lot lighter than most ciders. We continued walking up King Street and stopping at boutiques along the way. We had dinner and drinks at Theismann’s and finished watching the Pirates. Tomorrow is our last day in DC! 😦



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