Pirates in D.C.

This morning we went to Jackson 20 for brunch. Jackson 20 is the restaurant for the Hotel Monaco on King Street in Alexandria. The breakfast was outstanding! We then did a little shopping on King Street. We stopped at a Gap and a Pet Store (Nicole wanted to get something for her dog, Cutch). We then got the metro and headed towards the monuments. We had to do the metro, bus, metro thing just like we did yesterday, so it took us about an hour to get there. We saw the Korean War Memorial and the Vietnam Memorial. Nicole was able to find the name of her co-worker’s relative. The Washington Monument Lawn was completley fenced off, due to the concert that we saw the stages for yesterday. It was called Freedom and it was a Christian music festival. There were SO many people around the monuments.

We then took a cab to the International Spy Museum. Unfortunately, the line was wrapped around the block and we only had about an hour and half until we needed to head to the baseball game. The spy museum is by the Hard Rock Cafe, so I was able to get my shot glass! While walking to the Hard Rock Cafe, we passed the Ford Theater. We then took the metro to Navy Park to go to the baseball game. Nicole wanted to try out a local brewery called the Bluejacket Brewery. It was pretty cool. I had a cherry beer. We then walked around the stadium and the waterfront. There wasn’t a whole lot to do around the stadium. We found a vacant lot where they were having a tailgate. It was called the Bullpen Tailgate. We got some beers and then played cornhole with some Pirates fans. We went into the stadium and as we were going in, it started storming! Unfortunately it delayed the game by about an hour. The game finally started and we had a great time! They had a President’s Race (like Pittsburgh’s Pierogi Race). It was really funny! Thomas Jefferson won! For dinner, we got W shaped pretzels. I’d say about a third of the fans were Pirates fans. We then got an Uber back to the hotel and now we are relaxing. Tomorrow we are going to try to go to the Spy Museum.



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