D.C., Here We Come!

Today I headed to Washington D.C. for a girl’s weekend with my friend Nicole. You may remember her from last summer’s road trip to New York. She and I were roommates at Pitt during my sophomore year. This year we decided to go to D.C. While we had both been to D.C. numerous times, there were still many things that we had not done. I left New Concord, Ohio around 7 AM. Along the way, I stopped at a couple rest areas with scenic views. The second scenic view was one that I remembered from going to D.C. on family vacations, but my mom always said we didn’t have time to stop. It is called the Sideling Hill Rest Area and it has a quarter mile walk to see the scenic view. While going through the rock cut, I noticed an elevation sign that said 1,269 ft.

Nicole decided to fly to DC because she didn’t want to drive through NYC. We decided to meet at Reagan National Airport (DCA) and take the metro together to our hotel. I arrived at DCA around 1:30 PM and parked my car in long-term parking. I then met Nicole at baggage claim and we headed to the metro. We bought metro cards and rode the blue line two stops to King Street Station in Alexandria, VA. We stayed at the Hilton Hotel and it was very nice. I have never been to Alexandria before and it seems like a cute town, very colonial style. We relaxed in our hotel for a little bit, then we headed down King Street towards the waterfront. King Street is full of boutiques, bars, and cafes. We stopped at Pop’s Ice Cream Parlor and got s’mores ice cream. It was delicious! We then walked along the trail by the waterfront as we ate our ice cream. We went to a restaurant called Blackwall Hitch and waited to meet up with one of Nicole’s friends. Unfortunately, her friend ended up not being able to make it, but we had a few beers and then decided to take the water taxi to the National Harbor in MD. We got on the boat at 5:30 PM and arrived at the National Harbor at 6:00 PM. We walked around and Nicole found a store called the Black Dog. She was excited because she said that the only time she gets to go to the store is when her family goes to Martha’s Vineyard. We walked around some more and decided to have dinner at the Red Stone American Grill. We both had salads and they were very tasty! We sat outside and were able to watch the Pirates of the Caribbean on the big screen. The waitress told us that they play movies outside every Thursday throughout the summer. We then rode the Capital Wheel. The wheel is like a small version on the London Eye, in fact, they are both designed by the same architect. While we were on the wheel, the radio played Sweet Caroline, which is the song they play between the 3rd and 4th quarters at the Pitt football games. We decided that they played it because they knew we were on the wheel. Haha! The wheel was really cool and it went around 4 times! We went as the sun was setting and it was beautiful. We were even able to see the top of the Washington Monument! We then walked along the docks as we waited for our water taxi back to Alexandria. When we arrived back in Alexandria, we got the King Street Trolley, a free trolley that runs up and down King Street, to take us back the 18 blocks to our hotel. Now we are relaxing and getting ready to go to bed. Tomorrow we are going to the monuments!


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