Exploring the Motor City

Today we went to Detroit to collect my Hard Rock Cafe shot glass! We slept in and had breakfast and then left our hotel in Roseville around 10 AM. We arrived in Detroit around 10:30 AM and drove around for about 15 minutes before we finally found a place to park. After parking, we headed to the main attraction, the GM Renaissance Center. The GM RenCen is the World Headquartes for GM. It is comprised of one central building the is 72 stories high and four towers around the center one, that are 50 stories high. We went inside and signed up for the free tour at noon. Since it was only 11 AM, we decided to walk along the Riverfront. It was beautiful! If we had more time, I would’ve liked to walk further and see the lighthouse and Belle Isle. Across the river is Windsor Canada and we say a lot of traffic backed up to go through the Detroit-Windsor Tunnel and across the Ambassador Bridge.

We then headed back into the GM RenCen to start the tour. The tour took us through the Wintergarden Plaza, the GM Showroom, and took us to the 72nd floor to look out. We also the the Borealis Glass Sculpture, which is the largest vertical glass sculpture in the world. It is made up of thousands of individual pieces of vertical glass held together with a single steel band. The tour was great and the tour guide provided us with a lot of information about the building and GM history. The tour was completely free and lasted about an hour, so I would highly recommend it!

After the tour, we decided to ride the People Mover, the above-ground train around the city. It only cost $0.75 to ride and the entire ride lasted 15 minutes. It was a great way to see the different areas of the city. We hopped off at the station next to the Hard Rock Cafe and went to get my shot glass and have lunch. Around 3 PM we left Detroit and headed home to New Concord, Ohio. We got home around 7 PM. Overall, it was a great trip and I’m so glad we decided to go even though our July calendars are pretty full!



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