Along the Thumb’s Coast

Today we are roadtripping down the east coast of the thumb. We got up and had breakfast  and then left Bad Axe around 10 AM. We headed east to Harbor Beach to catch the M-25. M-25 is a highway that goes along the east coast of Michigan’s thumb and is part of the Lake Huron Circle Tour. We then stopped at the first roadside park called White Rock. The roadside parks are like small rest areas that have a scenic view of the lake. White Rock is a small rock off the coast that sticks out of the water. It used to be a huge boulder that the Native Americans used to place meat on to dry to keep it away from predators. It was also used by the United States Air Force as target practice for air strikes during World War II. Because of natural erosion and the target practice, the rock is much smaller than it used to be; however, it is still slightly visible above the water. We then continued south towards Port Sanilac and stopped at another roadside park called 4 miles. This park had a great view of the lake and had a nature walk that lead to a beach.

Upon reaching Port Sanilac, we parked and walked along the marina and breakwall. It was interesting to see the waves on the Lake Huron side of the breakwall and the calm water on the Port Sanilac Harbor side of the breakwall. As we were leaving, the park ranger asked us where we were heading and gave us a suggestion as to where to eat in Lexington, which was our next stop. We continued on to Lexington and had lunch at a sandwich shop called Sweetwater. The sandwiches were delicious, but they were huge! Lexington was a cute little town with lots of little shops. I bought some postcards and a shot glass with the Great Lakes on it. It says, “No Salt No Sharks No Problem.” I wanted to buy some fudge but dad said we didn’t need it. Haha!

We then drove to Port Huron, where we finished the M-25. We stopped to see the Fort Gratiot Lighthouse. The lighthouse was very pretty. In the parking lot for the lighthouse, we stumbled upon a sand building festival. It was just being set up, but the completed sand art was amazing! We then continued to the Riverwalk in Port Huron and walked along the St. Clair River. Lake Huron flows into the St. Clair River in Port Huron. Across the river is Canada and we walked under the Blue Water Bridge, one of the major international crossings to Canada.

We then hoped on the interstate and headed to Roseville, a suburb of Detroit. We had dinner at an Outback Steakhouse. Now we are relaxing and tomorrow morning we will be heading to Detroit before heading home in the afternoon.


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