Swimming at 6,225 Feet

Today we woke up around 7 am, got breakfast, and headed on the road to Lake Tahoe!! We drove through the El Dorado Hills and the El Dorado National Forest. It was fun watching the elevation signs go by; we started at about 25 feet above sea level in Sacramento and ended at about 6,225 feet at Lake Tahoe! Along the way, we passed some really small towns. One town called Kyburz had a sign that said, “Welcome to Kyburz…Now Leaving Kyburz.” Another town called Twin Bridges had a sign that said the population was 10!! And I thought my hometown (2,491 pop.) was small! We also saw a lot a pull-offs where you could install snow chains if they were required. Around 10 am, we saw the sign for South Lake Tahoe!

Our first stop when we arrived in South Lake Tahoe was the Inspiration Vista Point. It is an overlook above Emerald Bay. The water was absolutely stunning! It was such a pretty royal blue color and the lush green pine trees surrounding the water complimented it very well.

We then headed to Baldwin Beach to go kayaking and swimming! The water was amazing! It was so clear. At one point, I stuck my paddle all the way into the water and could still see it when it hit the sand at the bottom! There were also some cool rocks in the water. We didn’t see very many fish though; I think they live out in the deeper water. After kayaking, my dad and I decided to go swimming. It was freezing!!!!! The water was really clear though. My dad and I were up to our shoulders in the water and we could still see our toes! I found some cool rocks and a pine cone that had been turned black by the water. Also, near the edge of the lake, the water sparkled with little flecks of stones. It looked like someone had thrown glitter into the water! It was really pretty.

After swimming, we dried off on the beach, then headed over to Stateline, Nevada, to find the Hard Rock Cafe. The cafe is inside of the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. After getting my shot glass and having lunch, we decided to gamble a little bit. We only played the penny slots, but I made $1! We then went outside to find the stateline between California and Nevada.

We then left Lake Tahoe and headed toward Reno, NV. Along the way, we passed Carson City, NV. We just went to dinner at our hotel and now we are relaxing and getting ready for our flight back to Denver tomorrow to pick up my grandma.


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