Sleepless in Seattle

Today we woke up and had breakfast at our hotel in Olympia. Around 10 am, my grandma’s brother came over to pick her up for the day. Then, my parents and I headed to Seattle. We arrived in Seattle around 11:30 am and went straight to the Space Needle.

We went up to the Space Needle and had a great view of Seattle. I wish it had been less cloudy so that we could’ve seen the mountains, but oh well.

After the Space Needle, we headed down to the Seattle Waterfront to find Pier 55.


We found it and got on the boat cruise that we had booked earlier that morning. The boat cruise was really nice. It was narrated and we were able to learn a lot of interesting things about Seattle. We also got some really great views of downtown Seattle!

After the boat cruise, we had lunch at the original Red Robin. We then went to the Pike Place Market, which is a huge outdoor market where they throw fresh fish at you when you buy it! We went to the Hard Rock Cafe and acquired my shot glass.

We then headed back towards Olympia and met the others in Tacoma to pick up my grandma. My parents, grandma, and I then headed back to the SeaTac airport to check into our hotel. Tomorrow we have to be up by 3 am to catch our 5:40 am flight to Denver, CO!


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