Beautiful Upstate New York

This morning, Nicole and I got up and had some breakfast. Nicole and I were roommates at Pitt during my sophomore year and her senior year. We have been friends ever since and I finally got the chance to go visit her in her hometown. She is currently working at a place that ships recycled materials. After breakfast, she showed me around Kingston and then we went uptown to go to some of the little boutiques and stores. We took her brother’s 2 month old puppy with us. After walking around and having lunch at a local sandwich place, we went back to her house and played with the puppy for a little while. His name is Cutch (named after Pirates center-fielder Andrew McCutchen) and he is a puggle (mix of pug and beagle). He is so cute!!

After playing with Cutch, Nicole, her parents, her brother, her brother’s girlfriend, and I went out to eat. We went to a nice restaurant called the Ole’ Savannah. It was on the waterfront of the creek that leads to the Hudson River. It was gorgeous! On Sunday, Nicole and I might go kayaking on the creek!

After dinner, we went back to Nicole’s house. On Friday nights, Nicole’s parents have small little get-togethers with some of their friends. It was a lot of fun! Nicole made everyone put on Pitt sweatshirts because she did that after her graduation, so she wanted to re-enact it for my graduation.

We played this cool horse racing game where you bet on the horses based on the cards that you draw. It was really interesting. I ended up being lucky that night; I started with $5.50 and ended with $12.75! Tomorrow we are heading to New York City!


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