Are We in the Medieval Gothic Period?

Today I got up and decided to do a little bit of shopping in Princeton. Then, I had lunch at a Panera. After lunch, I headed over to the Princeton campus to walk around for a little bit. On the way, I saw a cool field with a colonnade near it. There were places to pull off along the road, so I stopped and got out to check it out. It turns out it was the Princeton Battlefield. The colonnade was originally part of a home in Philadelphia, but was then transferred to Princeton to be part of a home near the Princeton Battlefield.

After seeing the colonnade, I continued on to the Princeton campus. It was really pretty! It was very European-style. All of the buildings were made of stone and looked like castles. I later learned that this style of architecture is currently called Collegiate Gothic.

After seeing Princeton, I continued my road trip and drove 2 hours up to Hastings-on-Hudson, New York to see my friend Zach. Zach and I went to Pitt together for a year and worked together as Pitt Program Council directors for a couple of months. We went to dinner at Lefteris Gyro in Yonkers, NY. The food was very good. After dinner, we walked around the outdoor mall area near the restaurant and caught up on what had been happening since we left Pitt. Then I returned to the car to head up to Kingston, NY to visit my friend Nicole for the rest of the weekend.



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