Welcome to the Garden State

Today I started my first solo road trip to see a few of my friends from Pitt. I left my house in New Concord, Ohio around 10 am.

I drove through all of Pennsylvania, it was a lot more mountainous than I thought it was going to be. Ohio has more rolling hills; whereas, Pennsylvania has small mountains. Around 4 pm, I got stuck in some traffic near Philadelphia. I took advantage of not moving on the interstate to take some pictures on snapchat and use the Philly filters.


Around 6 pm, I finally arrived at my hotel in Princeton, NJ. I relaxed in the hotel for a little bit, then I headed to Bobby Flay’s Burger Palace to meet my friend Lindsy for dinner. Lindsy and I went to Pitt together and worked as Pitt Program Council directors during our senior year. She is doing well; she is working as a Public Relations assistant for a financial company in Princeton (where she is originally from). We had a nice dinner and caught each other up on what had been happening since we graduated. She also told me about some things that I can do/see tomorrow in Princeton before I head off to visit my friend Zach in Hastings-on-Hudson, New York.


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