Pebble Beach

Today was our last full day in London. Since we didn’t have anything to do until 3:00 pm, I decided to get out of London and go to Brighton. I boarded the 8:12 am train to Brighton. I had wanted to go to Brighton when I had previously studied abroad, but I was unable to find time to go.  I wanted to go to Brighton because it is a shingle beach, that means that it is made up of pebbles, not sand. After getting off the train, I walked for about 15 minutes from the train stations to the beach. I walked along the pebbly beach and put my hand in the water (and my feet by accident). I meant to just put my hand in the water, but unfortunately a larger wave came up right when I was about to touch the water and soaked my feet!

I then sat on the beach for a little, just relaxing. It was weird to sit on pebbles and not on sand. I picked out some of the pebbles to take home for my friends and family. I figured they would make a cool (and cheap!) souvenir. Then I walked along the pier. The pier was full of arcade games, amusement park rides, and little shops (like gift stores and ice cream stands). Unfortunately, the majority of the shops were closed, as were the amusement park rides because it was fairly cold that day (about 45 degrees Fahrenheit). The pier seemed like it would be a lot of fun in the summer!

Then I rode the Brighton Wheel, which had some really cool views. It is very similar to the London Eye, except it wasn’t quite as fancy (and thus, wasn’t as expensive!). It was a climate controlled pod, which was nice because of the cold weather that day. The ticket said that you were guaranteed to get a minimum of 3 rotation on the wheel. I ended up getting 4 rotations on the wheel because I was the only person who was riding at that time and the workers let me stay on until more people showed up to ride it.

After riding the wheel, I started to get hungry so I began walking back into town. I found a Sainsbury’s and got the 3 pound meal deal (if you don’t know what that is, check out this post). I then started to walk back towards the train station. I walked past the Royal Pavilion, which was absolutely beautiful! The Royal Pavilion is a former royal residence. It was built in 1787 as a seaside home for George, Prince of Wales who went on to become The Prince Regent in 1811. The Royal Pavilion is built in an Indo-Saracenic style, which means is is a combination of native Indian architecture and Gothic/Victorian British architecture.

I then continued to walk to the train station and got on the 1:08 pm train back to London. The train journey was only an hour and I was able to get from the London Bridge train station to the Tate Modern to meet up with the group at 3:00 pm. We had the same tour guide as the one we had for the National Gallery tour. It was nice to see a familiar face that wasn’t part of our group. I enjoyed the Tate Modern more than the National Gallery because I like modern art more than classical art.

Then we had a group dinner at Doggett’s Coat and Badge Pub. The food was really good! I had glazed chicken. Then we came back to Camden, had one final drink at the bar next to our hostel, and began packing to go home! 😦 Tomorrow morning will be our last day on UK soil. Until next time London! xx


One thought on “Pebble Beach

  1. I have completely enjoyed my travels with you to London and all the other places. It was as if I was right there amidst all the fun and excitement. Thank you for sharing this absolutely wonderful blog with us. 😊😊😊


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