Strolling, Learning, and Crawling

Today we had class in the morning. Then we had some free time. I took the tube to Monument station and walked across London Bridge to the South Bank. Monument Station is named for the monument outside. The monument is for the Great Fire in London (1666). The fire was started at Thomas Farriner’s bakery on Pudding Lane and burned for 4 days, destroying much of the City of London, including St. Paul’s Cathedral. After looking at the Monument, I walked across London Bridge.

When I reached the South Bank, I walked to the Shard. The Shard is the tallest building in the European Union. I unfortunately did not have time to go up to the top of the Shard and see the view, but my friend Kylie did and she said it was really cool! The next time I go to London, I would love to go up to the top of the Shard!

I then walked along the South Bank until I got to Tower Bridge. I sat along the South Bank for about 10 minutes, just enjoying being in London. I walked across Tower Bridge to meet the group for our tour of the Tower of London. The Tower of London tour was cool. I liked having the guided tour because the last time I was at the Tower of London, we didn’t do that. The tour was lead by a Yeomen Warders (aka a ‘Beefeater’). The Yeoman Warders are ceremonial guards at the Tower of London. They believe that the reason they are also know as Beefeater’s is because they used to be allowed to eat as much beef as they wanted from the King’s table. To become a Yeoman Warder, one has to retired from the Armed Forces, must be a former senior officer with at least 22 years or service, and they must have received the Long Service and Good Conduct Medal. The Yeoman Warders are supposed to take care of prisoners in the Tower and guard the Crown Jewels, but they mostly just give tours around the Tower. I didn’t realize that they live within the Tower walls. Our guide told us that the guards lock the gates to the Tower at 10 PM every night and he liked that because he always knew where is children were at night when they also lived in the Tower.

After visiting the Tower, we went back to Camden to get ready for the pub crawl. We went to 5 different pubs. It was a lot of fun! When I had previously studied abroad, my flatmates and I talked about doing the pub crawl but we never got around to it.


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