Today started off with class again. After we finished class, everyone went to the Fortune Theater for our backstage tour. The tour was interesting because it was set-up like a story, not like a factual tour. The story was about the ghosts that ‘haunt’ the Fortune Theater. After the tour, I returned to Camden and walked along Regent’s Canal to Primrose Hill. Walking along Regent’s Canal was very peaceful and enjoyable.

While I was walking to Primrose Hill, I was stopped by a man who asked my for directions to the Camden Town tube station. I was able to help him because I had just come from that direction. I was also asked for directions yesterday. I was waiting for the District Line tube at the Gloucster Road station when a man asked me which tube line and direction he needed to go to get to Whitechapel. I told him that I believed that he needed to go east on the District line, but I pulled out my map to confirm it. I ended up being right. These two instances have really helped me feel like a true Londoner. After giving the man directions, I continued on to Primrose Hill. Primrose Hill has the most spectacular views of the London skyline. It is absolutely beautiful! I ended up sitting at the top for about 10 minutes because it was nice and peaceful.

After visiting Primrose Hill, I headed back to my hostel to meet up with some of my classmates for dinner. We tried to go get dinner at the Italian place that we went last night, but unfortunately we got off at the wrong tube stop. I ended up just getting the 3 pound meal deal from Sainsbury’s (if your not sure what that is, check out this post), which was actually good because I didn’t want to spend too much money. I then walked to the Waterloo Bridge because it was close by. I had visited the Waterloo Bridge when I previously studied abroad here. During my previous visit, I made a daytime time-lapse of the London Eye and the River Thames. Since it was dark tonight, I decided to take another video to create a nighttime time-lapse of the London Eye and the River Thames. Check out my video here.

I then walked to the Fortune Theater to meet the group to see The Woman in Black. The play was really good. It was supposed to be scary, but it ended up being mostly some unexpected noises. The play had only two main actors, but they were both fantastic. The story is about a man who has turned his weird ghostly experience into a stage show. The man hires an actor to help him. The play goes back and forth between the man and the actor talking about the stage show to the actor acting out the stage show and the man narrating it. The audience is able to see the entire stage show throughout the play. Apparently the play has also been made into a movie, so I would like to watch that when I get back to America because the play was very good.


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