Rocks and Water and Movies, Oh My!

Today we went on a day trip to Stonehenge and Bath. This was my third trip to Stonehenge and I figured it would be pretty boring. I was pleasantly surprised when we got to Stonehenge because they have changed the visitor’s center since I was there during the summer 2013. It was a lot bigger and included an exhibition hall. The actual rocks at Stonehenge were cool, but there are only so many times I can look at the same rocks.

I headed back to the exhibition hall and watched a video about how Stonehenge was made. They also had these little houses that the people who built Stonehenge would have lived in.

After we went to Stonehenge, we went on to Bath. I had also already been to Bath, but I really enjoyed seeing some of the sites again. We saw The Royal Crescent, which is a crescent shaped building that is full of expensive town-homes. During our hour of free time, I got lunch at Pret a Manger and went shopping at a store called Primark. Primark is a store that is similar in price and quality to Forever 21 in the United States. After our free time, we went to the Roman Baths. The main bath is absolutely beautiful. The water is a rich sea-foam green and it contrasts well with the beige color of the stone work. Our tour guide told us NOT to touch the water because in 1978, a girl was swimming in the baths and contracted meningitis. Part of the reason why the water is unsafe is because it still flows through the original lead pipes. However, you could drink some of the water that had passed through the filtration system. I decided to do that and it was not a pleasant experience. It was warm and tasted like metal because the water contains lots of iron. It tasted like when you accidentally bite your tongue or your cheek and you can taste blood. Yeah, not exactly something I would like to drink all the time.

After we got back from Stonehenge and Bath, my friend Alekya and I took a bus to Baker Street. We stopped and took pictures in front of 221B Baker Street (the ‘home’ of Sherlock Holmes).

Then we took the tube to King’s Cross station so that she could take a picture at Platform 9 3/4 (from Harry Potter). We also stopped at another Pret a Manger to get something light for dinner. I ended up getting a tuna melt toastie because I remembered my friend, Iris, had told me that in England they call grilled cheese and toasted items ‘toasties.’ I sent her a picture of the sign that said ‘toastie’ and she really enjoyed that! We then took the tube back to our hostel to get some sleep. Tomorrow we have our first class and we are going on a walking tour of East London. I have never been to the East part of London that we are going to, so I am very excited to be able to see something new in London that I haven’t seen before!


One thought on “Rocks and Water and Movies, Oh My!

  1. Wow, Sherlock Holmes. Sounds like your day was filled with lots of awesome things. The pictures are awesome and I loved the one of the water at Bath. So pretty. The huts are pretty cool also, since they weren’t there before. Always fun to learn and see new things. Keep having fun and enjoy your first day of class. 📚📝


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