Let’s Not Sleep ’til Monday!

Today I headed off to New York City with Pitt Program Council! We left Pittsburgh around 7 AM and arrived in New York City around 3 PM. Our first stop was Times Square. I met up with my friend Nicole (we went to Pitt together my sophomore year, she was a senior) and some of her friends at the M&M store in Times Square. Nicole and her friends took the train down from Kingston, NY. We decided to go see the Rockefeller Center and go to the ‘Top of the Rock.’ That was pretty cool. It was pretty similar to going up in any other skyscraper, except you could go outside!! It has an outdoor plaza at the top! After we went to the Rockefeller Center, we went to dinner and got drinks at a pub in Hell’s Kitchen. We then walked back to Times Square where I met back up with my fellow Pitt Program Council directors (Alicia, Iris, Kim, Shawn, and Courtney) while Nicole and her friends went to Grand Central Station to take the train home.


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