They Put Chili on the Spaghetti?

Today(Saturday, Nov. 8th) we were able to walk around and talk to the other program boards to see how they ran their boards and give away some of our promotional items. For lunch, we went to Skyline Chili. They put chili on spaghetti there! It was interesting, but it wasn’t my favorite. Then we went to get ice cream at Graeter’s, which Tom said is the best ice cream in Cincinnati.  After getting ice cream. We went back to the hotel and relaxed for a little while. Most of the directors decided to take naps, but Kim and I went and walked around near our hotel. Later, everyone who was 21 (Kim, Lindsy, Shawn, Iris, Jon, and I) all decided to go out in downtown Cincinnati. We started off at a sports pub that was pretty cool, but it was really crowded. We then walked around for like 25 minutes looking for another place, but they were all either too crowded or too expensive. We ended up just going back to our hotel and playing the card game, BS, until like 5 AM. Kim gave in around 4 AM and went to bed. The rest of us decided to try to stay up all night, since we had to get up to leave to go back to Pittsburgh at 7 AM. Jon gave in first, then Iris, then Shawn. Lindsy and I were the only two who stayed up the whole night. Around 6 AM, we went back to our rooms to pack to get ready to leave. We left Covington around 7 AM and arrived back in Pittsburgh around 2 PM on Sunday afternoon.


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