Do You Think it will Smell Good?

Today we went to Cologne, Germany! We left Brussels at 9:28am and we arrived in Cologne at 11:15am. The train ride was pretty easy.

When we arrived in Cologne, we decided to look for the Hard Rock Cafe and have lunch there. It was about a 10 minute walk from the train station. After having lunch (and getting my shot glass!), we walked back towards the train station to get on a sight-seeing bus. The bus was really cool; we got to see a lot of the city that we would not have had time to see if we had just been walking around. Plus, it was raining that day, so it was nice to be able to see the sights without getting wet.

The bus took us past a building called the 4711 House, which is the home of the Eau de Cologne no. 4711. My mom liked the smell of the cologne, so she bought a bottle of it. The building had a cool glockenspiel at the top that has wooden figures that rotate when the bell chimes on the hour. After the bus tour, we still had some time before we got the train back to Brussels, so we decided to go in the Cologne Cathedral that we had passed on the bus. We were expecting to have to pay to go in, but it turned out to be free! The Cathedral was gorgeous. Construction first started on it in 1248! After visiting the Cathedral, we went back to the train station and had dinner, then boarded our 6:42pm train back to Brussels. We arrived back in Brussels at 8:32pm and came back to the hotel. Tomorrow we are heading back to London.


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