Movie Scenes are meant for Movies

Today I left my flat that I had been staying in while studying abroad. We all had to be out of the flat by noon. I took the tube to the Marriott in South Kensington where my parents and I were going to staying. My parents flight ended up being rerouted through Houston instead of Washington D.C., so they were not going to arrive until 2pm instead of 11am. Instead of just sitting around in the hotel, I thought it would be cool if I went to meet them at the airport and we could hug each other in Heathrow like in the movies. I took the tube to Heathrow terminal 1, which is the terminal that I flew into. I waited for an hour and a half after their flight landed and they still hadn’t come out yet. I figured an hour and a half was more than enough time to get through immigration and customs, so I texted them and it turned out they were on the tube heading to the hotel! They said they would get off at Hounslow East, which was a station on the way to the hotel, and wait for me. I ran to the tube and was really confused why I never saw them come out. I got to Hounslow East and they were the only two people waiting at the station. We had our movie hug moment at the tube station. It turned out they had flown into terminal 5 because their flight came from Houston. I had assumed that all United flights flew into the same terminal, but they are organized by where the flight is coming from, not the carrier. We went back to the hotel and are now having a relaxed evening in because my parents are pretty jet-lagged.


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