Today we went to Wimbledon!! Galen, Tyler, Matt, Connor, and I went together. It was a lot of fun, even though we had to leave at 4am! We got to the field where the queue was set up around 5am and had to sit on the wet grass until 8am. It was not very fun. Luckily, the people running the queue had flattened cardboard boxes that we could sit on. At 8am, the workers started making everyone put their tents away and start squishing together. We walked in a line through the field and towards a barn. Inside the barn, we had to go through a security check, like at the airport. After going through the security check, the line continued down a path. Along the path, there were booths with games to play or things to buy, like water bottles. Here, they gave us stickers that said “I queued in the rain” and “I queued in the sun.”

Finally around 9:30am, we arrived at the front gates of Wimbledon. We turned our tickets in and walked into the courtyard area. The workers said that the courts would not be opening until 10am, so the only places we could go were the courtyard, the gift store, and the food court. We ended up walking around the gift store until about 9:50am. At 9:50am, we positioned ourselves right next to the gate so we could run to the court that we had decided on while we were in the queue. I don’t follow tennis, so I let everyone else decided. Right at 10am, the gates opened and we RAN to court 18 to see Haas v. Wang. We ended up sitting center court, front row! Unfortunately, it was raining, so we had to wait until noon before the game could start. Even though I don’t know much about tennis, I still really enjoyed the game. After the match was over, we went and got strawberries and cream, a Wimbledon staple. I was expecting it to be whipped cream, but it was heavy cream. It was still good. We sat on a hill and watched a jumbotron that showed what was happening on Court 1.

Around 3pm, Galen, Matt, and I decided to head back to our flat because we were tired and we still had to pack to leave tomorrow. Tyler and Connor ended up upgrading their tickets and were able to go to Court 2. We just got back to the flat and had dinner and now we are all packing up to go home. 😦 My parents are flying over tomorrow, so I will continue blogging on our family trip.


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