Man City, Man, Man, Man City

Today I went to Manchester! I left London at 10:20am and got to Manchester at 12:30pm. The train was fine. We made a few stops on the way to Manchester. After arriving at the train station, I started up towards the Hard Rock. I saw a Primark store on the way and stopped to buy stuff. Then I went to a food court in a mall and had lunch. Then I continued on the the Hard Rock and got my shot glass. After that, I walked around the cathedral. It was really pretty. Most of the city is modern, but the cathedral is old looking. It’s cool. Then I walked to Town Hall because my GPS said there was a souvenir shop there. The woman at the Town Hall information desk said they had closed their souvenir shop a couple of months ago and that I should go to the Visitor Center. I walked back towards the center of town and found the shop. Then I sat in the little park area because I still had 2 hours before my train left.

I sat there for about an hour and a half and read a book while enjoying Manchester City life. My train left Manchester at 6:35pm. My train arrived in London at 8:45pm and now I am back at my flat.


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