Let’s Go to the Coffee Shop

We made it to Amsterdam! We got in around 9am, then we had a guided walking tour. We saw Central Station, Dam Square, and lots of canals. Then we had brunch. Then our tour guide took us to the I Amsterdam sign.

After that, we had free time and Galen, myself, and this girl named Katelyn that we met (she’s doing a CAPA program too. She’s from Purdue University) went to the Van Gogh Museum. Alyssa, Amanda, and Julie went to the Heineken Experience. Van Gogh was pretty cool; I liked the art!

Then we met up and stopped at the Hard Rock Cafe so I could get my shot glass. Then we went to Anne Frank’s house. It was really interesting. It showed how they had to hide when the Nazi’s came to find the Jews. Then we had dinner. After dinner, we went back to the hotel and relaxed until 9pm. At 9pm, we went back into Amsterdam (the hotel is near the Amsterdam airport, about 15-20 mins away; the bus drove us back and forth) and had a tour of the Red Light District. It was weird. It was like a shopping street (minus the shopping) but instead of mannequins in the window, there were prostitutes. Our guide said that they are employed by the government and cost €50. We weren’t allowed to take pictures in the alleys, but we could take pictures when we were in the streets outside of the alleys. After the tour, Alyssa, Amanda, Katelyn, and Julie went to a bar to drink and try pot brownies. Galen and I didn’t want to do that, so we just walked around. We went back to Dam Square. It was pretty at night. All the canals were lit up. Then we got some really good fries and went back to the bus. We just got back to the hotel. Tomorrow we are off to Brugge in Belgium.


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