Kayaking the Thames

Today we went kayaking!! It was so much fun, but it was a lot of hard work. We went on a little tributary of the Thames because they don’t allow you to kayak on the main part of the Thames that runs through central London because of all of the ship traffic. Amanda, Julie and I went with the 3 boys (Greg, Tyler, and Matt) They decided to put Julie and I (who had both never been kayaking before) together, but we finally got the hang of it. The river is SO dirty. It has so much sediment that when you put your paddle in all the way, you can’t see it. After we got back, the people who owned the kayaking company were having a BBQ and they invited us to stay. It was really good.

Then we came back to the flat and changed because our pants had gotten wet. Then we decided to go to Leicester Square to look at some outdoor markets that Amanda heard about. As we were walking, we came upon Brad Pitt’s new movie premiere!! It was for the movie World War Z. It was so cool! We couldn’t get very close because we didn’t have tickets or anything, but we could see the big screen. We saw Brad and Angelina. They were probably 500 feet from us (behind multiple fences…haha). Then we came back to the flat and had dinner.


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