Beatles and Fictional Detectives

Today I went on the Abbey Road walking tour. It was pretty cool. I didn’t take a picture on the crosswalk because my dad and I already did it last time and there were a lot of people trying to get their pictures. Then we walked up to Violet Hill Gardens which was the inspiration for Coldplay’s song ‘Violet Hill.’ It was a cute little square park. Then we walked through Regent’s Park. We went a different way than when we walked through it to get to Primrose Hill. This way was really pretty because we went over little canals. We finished up at 221B Baker Street which is where Sherlock Holmes’s flat is in the books. It was cool. They had a guy dressed up as Sherlock Holmes. Then I came back to the flat. Amanda and Julie wanted to go to Camden to go shopping, so we went up there. I bought a tube map shot glass and a ‘Mind the Gap’ shot glass and a guitar pick that has the British flag and says London. We came back to the flat and had dinner. Now I am doing laundry. Tomorrow we have kayaking at 1pm.


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