Gondola Riding Over the Thames

Today I went on that British Music Experience. It was pretty cool. It was an interactive museum of music from the 1930’s until the present. I went with Julie (my flatmate) and Tyler, a Pitt guy who lives in Flat D in our building. We met Amanda (my other flatmate) at the O2 (the tour was inside the arena). It’s just the 3 of us in the flat this weekend, Alyssa, Galen, and Geethika went to Paris on the CAPA trip. It’s funny because it’s one girl from each room, so Amanda, Julie, and I all get our own rooms. After the music tour, we decided to go on this enclosed ski lift type thing that Amanda and I had seen before. It was called the Emirates Air Line. It was pretty cool. We thought it would be free with our Oyster cards, but it ended up being 3 pounds 20. We didn’t think that was too bad. After that, we came back to the flat. While hanging out, we booked a kayaking tour on the Thames for Sunday. Amanda and Julie had been talking about going. We invited 3 of the boys from Flat D to go too.

Around 7pm I looked out to see if it was still sunny, because I thought maybe I could see the sunset tonight. At 7pm it was overcast even though it had been sunny all day. So I stayed at the flat. At 8:20pm I looked out and I could see the sun setting without a cloud in the sky. I hurried out the door and remembered that we had walked from the river to Covent Garden on the walking tour and it only took 5 minutes and Covent Garden is only 5 minutes from my flat, so I decided to walk. I ended up making a wrong turn and walked too far so I had to back track. I ended up missing seeing the actual sun, but I could see the pink in the sky.

The sun was not directly behind the Houses of Parliament, it was way off to the side. It must be the wrong time of year for it to be behind them. Oh well. I got some cool pictures of the pink sky and can now finish my paper. I took the tube back and it took about 25 minutes because I had to change tubes. Tomorrow I am going on the Abbey Road and Sherlock Holmes walking tour. That should be pretty fun.


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