Strolling the Day Away

Today I went on the Southbank walking tour. It was pretty fun. We walked from Westminster Bridge to Shakespeare’s Globe Theater. Then the tour ended and I walked across the Millennium Bridge (pedestrian only bridge) towards St. Paul’s Cathedral to get a picture. I found a Pret a Manger (a sandwich place) and got lunch. I walked back over the bridge and sat along the Thames. Then I walked to the tube station and came back to the flat. I relaxed for a while and then I went to Holland Park.

It took me like 10 minutes to find Holland Park because I turned the wrong way out of the tube station. I wandered around and sat in the park for probably an hour. Most of the park has trails through the woods, but there are 3 really cool things to see. One is a statue and pond. The statue is for Lord Holland. The next thing is the Kyoko Gardens. It’s a waterfall and pond surrounded by a lot of pretty plants. The final thing (and probably the coolest!) is that they have 2 PEACOCKS in the park!! They were so awesome! I wish they had their feathers open, but I think they only do that when they mate or get mad, and I didn’t want to make them mad. They were still cool.

Then I came back to the flat and had dinner. Something is wrong with the heating in our flat, the bedrooms are fine, but the living room is BURNING UP!! I’m not even exaggerating, it’s probably 80 some degrees in here. We have all the windows open and we have the heat turned all the way down. The radiators are really hot. If you touch it for more than a couple seconds, you’ll burn your hand off!! We called the people and they said it must be damaged and they will have to fix it sometime this week.


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