Typical Tourists

Today we had our Panoramic Tour of London. It was pretty cool. We drove around central London and saw all the major tourist spots. We got off the bus a few times to take pictures. We stopped at Buckingham Palace, Big Ben/Westminster Abbey, and a viewing spot for Tower Bridge and the Tower of London.

The bridge was going up to let a boat underneath when we were there. That was pretty cool. Then we came back and got lunch at a sandwich place near our flat. After that, we all took hour long naps because we had stayed up until 1 AM the night before, and we had to get up at 8 AM. Then, we went to the grocery store to buy dinner. After dinner, we just hung out and stuff. I got a bag of chips at the store. They are by Walkers (which I think is part of Lay’s or owns them or something). They are roasted chicken and thyme flavor. They are very different, but they are pretty good. That’s why I got them, because they’re such a weird flavor. I just put a load of laundry in, because the machine is small, so I’ll have to do small loads more often. It took me about 10 minutes to figure out how to work the washer/dryer. The buttons themselves are pretty self-explanatory, but every time I tried to start it, it would say error-40. I was about to give up when I decided to open and close the door…it worked. Haha! I felt dumb. The washing time is really long; it must be because it is so tiny. The shortest time is 1 hour and 10 minutes, then you have to spin/drain the water out for another 10 minutes, then you can dry it for up to an hour.

Tomorrow we have a walk through Camden and Primrose Hill at 11 AM. That should be pretty cool. Our tour guide today told us that Primrose Hill has some really amazing views of London. After that (it will probably be 1-2 hours), we are going to take the tube around and find all the girl’s internship places. I’m the only one not doing an internship, but I’m going to tag along because I’ll get to see some other places in London. The closest one is like a 5-10 minute walk from here and the farthest one is about 45 minutes by tube (I feel bad for Amanda). We have 5 different places to go, so it will probably take us most of the afternoon.


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