Found Myself in the City Near Piccadilly

Today we had our orientations at CAPA. It was pretty boring, just basic stuff like safety. After the orientations, we went to the Natural History Museum and the Victoria & Albert Museum. They were pretty cool, but I’m glad we didn’t have to pay for them, because I’m not that into museums. The US should do that, museums are a rip off if you just quickly look at things and don’t focus on each thing. After that, we walked around South Kensington. We went to a pub to the right of the South Kensington Station. It was pretty good. I had a Caesar salad. Then we walked around and took one of the public buses and went past the flat were my dad used to live back in the 80’s before I was born. Then we got off 4 stops later and walked back a different way to the South Kensington Station.

Then we hung out and relaxed at the flat for a little. Around 6pm, we decided to roam around Piccadilly Circus. We were going to eat there, but we didn’t really want to go out again, since we went out for lunch. We walked around and then took the tube back to the flat and went to the grocery store to get dinner. I got a HUGE bottle of water, soup, and a roll for only 2 pounds 85. I figured that was a pretty good deal. Now we are just hanging out watching tv (they have a Britain’s Funniest Home Video!). Tomorrow I have another orientation thing to go to, but it’s not until 1pm.


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