Woke Up in London Today

London: I have arrived! I’m lying in my bed right now, waiting to go on the walking tour around our neighborhood. The flight to London was pretty good. Had some moderate turbulence, but it wasn’t as bad as the flight to Dulles. I had BBQ chicken, rice, mixed veggies, and a salad for dinner (the other choices were beef and vegetarian). I slept for about 3 hours (it was hard to get comfy). I watched The Campaign. It was pretty funny. Made it through Immigration pretty fast, it was only about a 10-15 min. wait. Baggage took a while, and then I just walked through a hallway for customs. I got confused looking for the taxi and couldn’t figure out how to get one. It turned out I was looking on the right hand side, and the taxi-getter man was on the left side, behind the taxis. I eventually figured it out. My taxi man turned the wrong way on my street, so we had to go around the block and it cost 3 more pounds. Oh well. It was an expensive ride, it was 83 pounds and I gave him 7 pounds for a tip. We drove past the Marriott that we are going to be staying at and it looked really nice. We also drove past CAPA (my school while I am over here). It is really easy to find because it has red doors. The flat ended up being 3 rooms with two people each.  There are two bathrooms, a kitchen, a living room/dining room, and the bedrooms. Alyssa’s rooming with Julie, I’m rooming with Galen, and  Amanda’s rooming with Geethika (we call her Geeth). Everyone is  from Pitt, but the only one I had met before is Alyssa (we lived on the same floor my freshman year). Amanda and Julie are going to be  seniors next year and the rest of us are going to be juniors. We are on the 5th floor of the building. The first 4 floors are offices. There are 4 flats on our floor, but there’s only ours and another one occupied. The other flat has 6 boys from Pitt. We met the one boy who was checked in when we got here, and he seemed nice. Alyssa, Julie, Geeth and I went to get coffee at the bakery that is under our flat. Tomorrow we have our orientations at 9am. We’ll probably need to leave here around 8:30am, I think the tube will take about 20-30 mins.


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