Thames River Cruisin’

Today we woke up and had breakfast at our hotel. Then we decided to go on the Thames River Cruise that was included with our bus tour from yesterday. The river cruise was really cool! It was neat to see the landmarks like Big Ben, the London Eye, City Hall, and the Tower of London from the river as opposed to seeing them from land. Also, the tour guide was very knowledgeable, just like the bus tour guide, and told us a lot of interesting things. He tailored his facts to things that had to do with the river, instead of just saying the same types of things as the bus tour guide.

After the boat tour, we decided to ride the London Eye. It was so big! The capsules are cool because you can either sit in the middle or stand around the outside and there is enough room for everyone to move around. The views from the top are incredible! You can look down on Big Ben and the Houses of Parliment and you can see the Shard building to the East. It was cool for us to see because the Shard is still being built, so the top of the building doesn’t have glass on it.

We then decided to go find a place to do brass rubbings. My grandma has these really cool brass rubbings in her house that she and my grandpa made when they visited my dad in London in the 80’s. She said we should try to do them if we had time. We looked it up online and found out that they do them at St. Martin-in-the-Fields, which is in Trafalgar Square, to the right of the National Gallery (if you are looking at it). It was a little hard to find, because there are multiple doors to go in and only one door takes you to where the brass rubbings are done. We eventually found it and got to make our brass rubbings. To make a brass rubbing you pick a plate (I picked one with Queen Victoria on it) and a crayon color (gold, silver, or copper). You put the special piece of paper on top of the plate and then rub the crayon over the paper. The color will come off on the high parts of the plate on the paper, to create your picture!

We then walked to Piccadilly Circus and had dinner at the Angus Steakhouse. It was very yummy! We just got back to our hotel and are hanging out before bed.


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