And the Jealousy Begins…

Today we woke up and decided to go see where my dad lived when he was in London back in the ’80’s. He lived in a flat in Onslow Square, in South Kensington. The area was REALLY nice! I got jealous very quickly…haha! Then we decided to go check out Marble Arch and Wellington Arch. They were both magnificent pieces of architecture and it happened to be right next to the Hard Rock Cafe! We acquired my shot glass, took a few touristy pictures in a phone booth, and headed off to 10 Downing Street, home of the Prime Minister!

While walking to 10 Downing Street, we passed a lot under construction. The sign said that the lot was being turned into a sand volleyball court for the 2012 Olympics!  We also passed ‘The Mall’ which is the road that leads to Buckingham Palace and a set of horse guards. The signs warned us not to get to close to the horses because they might bite or kick! 10 Downing Street wasn’t very interesting. It was just a closed-off street that had a lot of people around it.

We continued walking towards the Thames and found the thing that I was most excited to see, Big Ben! It was absolutely beautiful! We also saw the London Eye (we decided to ride it another day), walked along the South Bank, and took a family photo on the Golden Jubilee Bridge.

We then walked back towards Buckingham Palace. It was really impressive! I wish I lived there! We continued on a walked through Hyde Park to find the Princess Diana Memorial Fountain. The fountain was a giant circle and was supposed to look like a necklace when viewed from above. It was cool because you could sit and put your feet in the water. It was really cold! After exploring all day, we decided to head back to the hotel and had dinner near our hotel. We are going to bed fairly early tonight because tomorrow we are off to Paris for the day! We have to be at St. Pancras train station at 6 am!


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