Let’s Go Over It In a Barrel!!

Today we went to Casa Loma! It is a mansion that has been converted into a museum. It was really cool to walk around a castle! We saw bedrooms, servant’s quarters, libraries, a garden room and spooky tunnels!

We then went to the Hard Rock Cafe in Toronto for lunch. I bought my first Hard Rock Cafe shot glass! After lunch, we left Toronto and headed to the Canadian side of Niagara Falls. The falls were absolutely beautiful! It was a little chilly near the falls, because it is only April, but it was gorgeous. We had some free time to walk around. On our way to the falls, I looked on the internet and found out that there is also a Hard Rock Cafe near Niagara Falls. We walked over there and I bought my second Hard Rock Cafe shot glass! I used to collect key-chains and playing cards, but I found that shot glasses are fairly cheap (about the same price as the playing cards) and I think they will look a lot prettier when I display them. There are Hard Rock Cafes all over the world, so I will have to start collecting the shot glasses when I travel! After getting an early dinner in Niagara Falls, we headed home to New Concord! We left Niagara Falls around 5 PM and arrived home around 11 PM. On our way home, we had to go through Border Control again. This time, we all had to get off the bus and hand the man our passports and birth certificates individually. He also asked us questions about why we were traveling and if we bought anything. We all thought it was funny that we are all Americans, yet it was harder for us to come back to America than to go into Canada! Overall, this was an awesome trip!


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