Babies and Rocks and Gems, Oh My!

Today we went to the Ontario Science Centre! It was a really neat museum. They had an exhibit on humans, where you could see the size of babies in the womb. It’s amazing how tiny they are! They also had this cool machine where you could test your balance. You had to sit on your knees with your hands behind your back and try to touch the button on the floor in front of you with your nose. It was difficult! They also had a show about the planets that we watched. We then had lunch at the museum and then continued exploring. We saw a lot of cool rocks and gems! After checking out the museum, the orchestra and band split up. The band went to Medieval Times and the orchestra went to dinner and the Toronto Symphony. We had dinner at a really good pizza place! The symphony was fantastic! The band had fun at Medieval Times. On our way back to the hotel, the band was arguing about whether the blue night or the red night was better. We just got back to the hotel and are getting ready for bed. Tomorrow is our last day in Toronto and then we are heading to Niagara Falls in the afternoon!



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