Canadia, Here We Come!

Today, the band and orchestra headed to Toronto, Canada (or Toranto, Canadia, as my friends and I have been calling it) for our spring trip! We left New Concord, OH at 11PM on Thursday and arrived in Toronto at 7 AM on Friday. Along the way, we had to go through Border Control. This was the first time many of us had ever left the country. I had a passport because my family and I are going to Europe this summer, but a lot of people had to bring their birth certificates. Border Control was pretty easy. The bus stopped and our band and orchestra director gave the man our passports and birth certificates. We were then officially allowed into Canada! Our first stop when we got to Toronto was the CN Tower! It was similar to the Sears Tower [edit: now called the Willis Tower] in Chicago, but a little bit higher! The CN Tower is 1,815 feet tall; whereas, the Sears Tower is 1,451 feet tall. We went all the way to the top and took some fun pictures. The view was pretty incredible; it would’ve been better if it would’ve been sunny, but hey, it’s winter in Canada. At the top, there is a glass floor where you can look straight down and see the ground. Some people were too scared to walk on it, but my friend, Kelly, and I actually laid down on it!

After seeing the CN Tower, we headed across the street to Rogers Centre to see where the Toronto Blue Jays (baseball) and the Toronto Argonauts (football) play. The stadium is really neat because it is has a retractable roof, has movable stands, and has a hotel with rooms that look onto the field! When the Blue Jays are playing, the stands move in to create the diamond shape of the baseball field. When the Argonauts are playing, the stands move out to create a long, rectangular field. We had a really cool tour while we were in the Rogers Centre. We went in the press box, in the stands, and in a private suite!

We then went to our hotel to check-in, relax, and get ready to go to dinner. For dinner, we went on a boat cruise on Lake Ontario! It was a lot of fun! The food was delicious. After dinner, we could dance on the dance floor and walk around the boat. We got some great pictures on the Toronto skyline at night! After the boat cruise, we headed back to our hotel. Now we are hanging out and getting ready for another fun day in Toronto!



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