Are You Sure You Can Drive Down That?

This morning we got up and had breakfast at the hotel. Yesterday, we got a City Pass, which gives you discounts to attractions and unlimited bus tours. Today, we decided to take the bus tour that goes around the northeast part of the city. The bus tour started near our hotel and then headed up to Fisherman’s Wharf. We didn’t get off, since we had spent all day there yesterday. We continued on and went past the Coit Tower, Piers 35 and 33, the TransAmerica Pyramid, the Bay Bridge, City Hall, and Chinatown. We hopped of the bus at Lombard Street. We walked up a giant hill on a street that was parallel to Lombard Street, so that we could walk down Lombard Street. The street was filled with cars trying to maneuver down the street. It looked difficult. The cars had to go so slow to make the turns and because it was so busy, that we passed most of the cars while we were walking. The street was lined with beautiful flowers! When we reached the bottom, we stopped to take pictures of the iconic street.

We got back on the bus and hopped off at Fisherman’s Wharf to have lunch at the Rainforest Cafe. We then headed back to our hotel so my dad could look over some things for his conference. We had dinner at the Keystone, which is a small restaurant across the street from our hotel. It was very good! My mom and I split a delicious creme brulee for dessert. Tomorrow we are going to take another bus tour and go on the boat ride.


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