“Dude, Where’s My Gum?”

This morning we got up and headed to the Duquesne Incline to see the view from the top of Mount Washington. The view is absolutely incredible and the Pittsburgh skyline is gorgeous! The incline is a cable car that goes up and down Mount Washington. After riding the incline up and down, we crossed a bridge where my friend, Bryce, tried to spit his gum on a car. He ended up hitting the roof of a car and the gum ended up bouncing off. We then found his gum along the side of the road! He’s a strange kid.

After the riding the incline, we had a tour around the city. The tour was very interesting, although the tour guide kind of started to drone on about some of the buildings. We then got off the bus on the North Shore, near Heinz Field, and walked around. We peaked into Heinz Field – it was huge! We also took some pictures around the North Shore.

We then headed off to Heinz Hall in downtown Pittsburgh to see the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra perform “The Planets.” We also got a tour of Heinz Hall. The hall is stunning! Even the bathrooms had pretty, pink chairs to sit in! The orchestra was excellent! [edit: after moving to Pittsburgh, I continued to attend the symphony and each performance was incredible! I would highly recommend seeing a performance!]. After the symphony, we went to Station Square and walked around. We then had dinner at Buca di Bepos. It is a great restaurant for groups, because they give you ‘family size’ portions to share with your table, so everyone gets a little bit of everything. Andrea, Bryce, Cole, and I sat together. After dinner it was time to head home. We left Pittsburgh around 8 PM and arrived home to New Concord around 10 PM. This was a great trip and I can’t wait to apply to the University of Pittsburgh and potentially live in Pittsburgh!!



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