Can I Be a Stunt Car Driver?

Today is our last day in Disney World! We spent the day at Hollywood Studios. I had never been there before, so I was really excited! The first thing we decided to do was to go on the Rock ‘n Roller Coaster. It was either that or go on the Hollywood Tower, which is basically an elevator that falls really fast. When I was in St. Louis a year and a half ago, Taylor and I fell 3 stories in an elevator, so we did NOT want to go on that ride. I was scared to go on the Rock ‘n Roller Coaster because it has an upside down loop and I had never gone on an upside roller coaster before. Taylor and Sam convinced me to go on it and we got in line. The line was two hours long. About 45 minutes into the line, we decided that we wanted to see the rest of the park instead of waiting for the one ride. As we were leaving the line, this man stopped us and asked us if we wanted his fast pass tickets. He said his wife had changed her mind about going on the ride. Luckily, he had three tickets (one for him, his wife, and their child). We thanked him and headed to the fast track line. The wait there was only 15 minutes. We ended up passing some of our friends who were ahead of us in the original line. They were so jealous! We went on the ride and it was a lot of fun! It is an indoor ride, so I didn’t get too scared because I couldn’t see the ground. We then went to see this stunt car show. That was really cool!! I want to be a stunt car driver! After wandering around Hollywood Studios and getting dinner, my mom came to pick me up. She had arranged to pick me up so I can spend the rest of Spring Break with her. On Sunday, April 12th, we will drive back to New Concord. Everyone else will be riding the bus back tonight. My mom and I just got to our house in Venice and now we are getting ready for bed.


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