Off to the Place “Where Dreams Come True!”

Friday, April 3rd, 11:06 PM:

Today we started our band and choir trip to Walt Disney World!! I’m super excited because both the band and the choir get to perform in front of people at Disney World! To get this opportunity, both the band and choir had to apply and be chosen to perform. We are all really excited but really nervous! We got on the bus and left New Concord at 4 PM. We are still on the bus, taking a restroom break.

Saturday, April 4th, 10:28 PM:

Today we arrived at Disney World! Our first stop was Blizzard Beach! I had never been to any of the Disney Water Parks before, so that was a lot of fun. We went on a lot of cool slides and we rode around on the Lazy River for awhile. After getting dinner at Blizzard Beach, we went to the hotel and had dinner. Now are getting ready for bed. Tomorrow we are spending the day in the the Animal Kingdom!




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