How Do You Hold Those? Dude, It’s Magic!

Thursday, November 8th, 11:52 PM:

Today String Sounds and I headed off to St. Louis, Missouri to attend the Strolling Strings Convention! String Sounds is a subset of the orchestra at my school. We perform small gigs, play show tunes, and stroll (with the exception of the basses). Our director, Graham, thought it would be a great idea to attend the Strolling Strings Convention to expand our music repertoire and meet other strolling string players. We left New Concord, Ohio at 3:30 PM and we arrived in St. Louis around 11:30 PM. Unfortunately, because this is a convention trip, we won’t have much time for sightseeing. We are getting ready for bed and will be attending the convention tomorrow!

Friday, November 9th, 10:48 PM:

This morning we got up and had breakfast. Unfortunately, a few of us were traumatized after breakfast; we fell 3 stories in an elevator. As we were heading down to practice, we saw our director coming towards the elevator so we held it for her. The elevator was already pretty full with half of our group but we figured she could fit. Right as she was getting on, 3 kids from another group squeezed onto the elevator. Our director and my mom told them that they needed to get off but they said it would be fine and the doors closed. After not moving for a couple seconds all of a sudden we were dropping. We stopped and we all assumed we had hit the ground. I was having a panic attack and luckily my friends were able to calm me down. The 3 other kids were making fun of me and our director let them have it. After what seemed like forever (it was probably only a half an hour) the doors were pried open by the fire department. My mom pushed me to the front and I had to climb up out of the elevator (the breaks caught us between the main floor and the basement). The rest of our group was there to support us. My friend, Alicha, and I sat out in the lobby with my mom while I calmed down. We then headed to the ballroom to begin practicing with the rest of our group. We have been practicing the music at home for about a month now. There are 4 other groups here (we are the only group that is not from Missouri, so I guess we make it a ‘national’ convention…lol!). Each group got assigned to a section of the room to practice. On Saturday night, we will be performing some of our own songs as an individual group and some of the new songs as a whole group. The violins and violas are freaking out about “The Devil Went Down to Georgia” because it has so many notes, while the cellos and basses are bored because it is a super simple rhythm. Unfortunately, we a few of us were traumatized today; we fell 3 stories in an elevator. After practicing pretty much all day, we had dinner and now a bunch of us are playing the cup game and hanging out before heading to bed.

Saturday, November 10th, 10:23 PM:

This morning we had breakfast and continued practicing. We split up into instrument groups with the other groups so that we could focus on our part. While we were working with the other cello players, we decided to practice our music while standing up and strolling. A guy came up to us and said “you guys don’t sit down?” and we said “no.” He then looked at us very confused and asked “well then how do you hold those?” I looked at him straight in the face and said “dude, we’re magic.” He was stunned and yelled over to his friend, “they’re magic, that’s how they are doing that!” The cellists from my group were cracking up! We then rejoined the group and told everyone what happened. Everyone thought it was the funniest thing that had happened so far. This evening, we performed our individual songs (while strolling!) and the group songs. It went really well! Now we are packing and getting ready for bed. Tomorrow we are going to the City Museum and heading home!

Sunday, November 11th, 11:46 PM:

Today we loaded up the bus and headed to the City Museum. It was so cool! It was a giant playground for adults! We climbed over things, slide down a 4 story indoor slide, and hung out in a ball pit! It was so much fun and I would love to go back and spend more time there. Around 3 PM we began to head back to New Concord, Ohio. We got to see the St. Louis Arch on the way home! We got home at 11 PM. We don’t have school tomorrow because it is Veteran’s Day, so I can sleep in! This was such a fun trip!


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